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The goal of keyword research is to understand the market (or the visitors on the web).  Without a huge budget for someone to do the work for you, most internet marketers trying to generate passive income will do it themselves (or contract the work out).

You are trying to get inside the head of visitors to your site and the best way is for YOU to think that way after all, you are a consumer as well right?

Don’t think you know it all – you probably don’t.  Even the most experienced are constantly learning.

Keyword research is fundamental in search engine optimization success – choose bad keywords and you won’t get visitors to your site (unless by accident) and those that come (from those bad keywords) will probably leave just as quickly.  More importantly you won’t be able to convert those visitors – either by selling your product/service to them or them clicking on an affiliate link and eventually buying the product or service.

While doing keyword research, Rob and I look for tools to make our life easier.  Though we have purchased many tools it always seems to be the free keyword research tools that provide us with the best results.

One phenomenal tool we found (and really did not want to share with you) is UberSuggest.  You can use UberSuggest to find great long-tail keywords and phrases of what people are searching for.

Enter your query into the box that says “query…” – select where you want to search (Web, News, Shopping, Video and Recipes) and the language and location (English/USA – or any one of the other many options available) and click the Suggest button (might be difficult to read, but it’s directly underneath the language/location and where drop-lists.

UberSuggest will take a few seconds to minutes to find you your keywords.

I used “security guard” as the keyword.

Literally a few seconds later, UberSuggest came back with 359 suggestions!

You can even export the suggestions by clicking on the “Select all keywords” button just below the ”Suggest” button.  Once the keywords (or suggestions) are selected to the right you will see this:

Click on the ”Get” button and you will be presented with this:

Simply go into the box, select all (CTRL + A), copy to Notepad or any other tool using CTRL + C and you’ve got hundreds of keywords you can start playing with.

Now the great thing is that you can use these keywords to drill down further – and thus find more long-tail keywords.

Lets grab one of the keywords “security guard jobs” and drill into it.  I will not show you a step-by-step but will show you the end results.

I take the keyword and put it into the query box and click on the “Suggest” button.

UberSuggest finds another 285 suggestions.  I can then take one, or more of those suggestions and even drill deeper.  Lets try it using the keyword suggestion “security guard jobs california” and see what UberSuggest finds:

Another 73 even more refined long-tail keywords (or suggestions) are returned.

Now if you were paying attention (and perhaps trying this on the UberSuggest site) you will have noticed that there is a + beside each of the keywords as well if you hover above each of the keywords, they are clickable!  What happens when you click on the keyword…

Just what the heck does that do???  Why not click it and see - lets select “security guard jobs in los angeles” and see what does happen…

Very cool!  They have already done some of the drill-down work for you.

So now you are probably thinking – “Great – so what the hell is that good for?” – if you can’t see the “gold” in these keywords, not sure I can help you.  But I’ll give you a hint: CONTENT for your blog/website.

Take some of those highly targetted keyword phrases and build solid content around it and post it to your blog.  If you are familiar with article spinning – you can spin that post into several dozen additional unique articles (a great product is The Best Spinner) and post those to article directories.

Seriously you can now use these keyword phrase suggestions to write highly targetted content for your blog or website that is guaranteed to bring visitors to it.

The next step would be to get an idea of the number of visitors that the phrases would bring to your site and which onces to concentrate on.  You can use the Google AdWords interface to do that.  All you would simply do is take the keyword phrase that you are interested in, do a cut & paste into the AdWords interface (after you have logged into AdWords) and you will get some great information.  As well the recent changes made to the AdWords interface and Keyword Tool means you can do quite a bit of keyword research right in the tool.  We are working on a comprehensive video showing you exactly how it works – trying to cut and paste into a post will make the post very long and it’s much easier to follow on video.

Now we’ve used UberSuggest for a service oriented phrase in this example – but why not try it out for a consumer product that are in demand?  Think health and beauty products – we are all a little vain and health conscious (ideas: acne, allergies, weight loss, stretch marks…) – or even consumer electronics or other seasonal products that are generally in peak demand in the season we’re in.

Here are some additional keyword resources, most of these are well known:

If you have something to add please leave us a comment!  If you use UberSuggest we would also like to hear about your experience with it.

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