Learn & Earn – Become a PHP Programmer In Your Spare Time

ProgrammerHave you ever said to yourself, after seeing tons of useful scripts ont the web – “Hey, I can do that much better that he did… but only if I knew how to code in PHP!”.

Well now you can learn and earn, and become a PHP programmer in your spare time!

Yes folks, no longer do you need to go to school to learn programming.  You can do it in the comfort of your own home.  Finally, work the hours you want!  Travel the world! 

… well, it’s not quite as glamorous as it would seem.  I still remember reading an article in the Edmonton Journal (local newspaper) about a couple of IT guys that roamed the world as their skills were in high demand.  Fast-forward and once I got into IT, it certainly wasn’t that glamorous.  I’ve done my time travelling to client sites, spending 16-18 hours on site eating fast-food or whatever you could get.  Go to the hotel… shower, and get a few hours (2-3) of sleep and then you’re back at it.

Was it fun.  Well, depends on what you consider fun.  Being whipped could be fun for some people.

But if you’re more convinced than even that you really do want to become a PHP programmer, look no further than Stefan Mischooks’ site where you can learn to become a PHP programmer by watching a few videos.

Seriously though – the videos are pretty good, and you probably will learn a thing or two by watching them.  Although the videos also go into installing PHP on your PC, you can probably skip this as most web hosting providers already provide PHP on their hosting plans.

Good luck!

oibo dot org


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