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Andrea GouletHi,

The credit card industry has got money.  Your money, my money – a heckuv a lot of peoples money.  They’ve got slick advertising, and ads that really get people to spend money.

I don’t want to make it sound like they’re all evile — they’re not.  It’s a business, like every other and it’s the copywriting & marketing that create a positive customer expereince along with sound business practices and good customer service.

Do you remember the VISA ads where the card holder shakes the bill, and all the charges vanish?  Or how about the slogan “If life were like that, you wouldn’t need VISA”… although it is a lot of marketing, there is a lot of  copywriting that goes on behind the scenes.

Just the other day, Andrea Goulet (that’s her picture above and to the left) created a list 50 Ideas to Immediately Combat Writers Block (we are #10 on her list) but this quick note isn’t about us showing up on her site.

There is a lot of great information on her site – http://writeideasmarketing.wordpress.com/ - I do not exaggerate when I say there is some very, very good information on her site. 

Andrea says this about herself “Andrea Goulet is a Senior Copywriter at Capital One.”, you also learn that “This is her personal blog and the opinions expressed here may not necessarily reflect those of her employer.”

Always good to have the disclaimer.

Having skimmed a few of her posts, you will find some fantatsic information on her site related to copywriting.  Although she doesn’t post as often (about once per week) — there is a lot of valuable information on it and it is highly recommended to visit her site, sign-up for her RSS feed to stay in tune to what she is suggesting.

Take care,

Mohamed Bhimji Dot Com



P.S.  It looks like I stamped the date/time on this for April 1, 2008 and it should have been April 14, 2008 – sorry everyone!

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