Learning Online Marketing from the Offline World


There are many marketing techniques that work well in the offline world.  You can seem them everyday, you just need to look closely.

A few days ago I wrote about SPAM – did you read the posts?  While you can get insight into what the latest trends are from the spam (though I hope you don’t rely solely on SPAM) you can also learn alot about marketing techniques, headlines, copywriting from the junk mail you receive.

Whether you are in the offline world, or online you have limited time in order to capture the readers attention.  Some junk mail senders rely on single mailings or multiple mailings spread apart.  They need to work hard to get your attention. 

I received some junk mail today and it came in a cream envelope with bold red letters saying “Someone is waiting for you…” – well eventhough I’m a married guy, it piqued my interest.

Or what about the plain white envelope that says “You are pre-approved for a $17,000.00 Platinum MasterCard”.

We all like to be pre-approved for something – loans for car, or for mortgage.  It’s great, isn’t it?  Junk mail senders know this and they know what will make you tick

There are other junk mail senders that rely on delivering a constant message to you each time they mail out.  They may rely on eye catching and perhaps suggestive titles.

Here is one piece of junk mail that I receive monthly from a local realtor.  He must pay a lot because it gets sent out every month to thousands of people.

The title is “The Home Front” — something of interest to any home owner.

Each issue starts with the salutation “Dear Friend and Neighbours” – we all want friends and we all want to have good neighbours.

The front page of his flyer always has his editorial — and it’s always about what is going on in the neighborhood.  He doesn’t advertise himself on the front page at all – except for his picture and his phone number.

Every issue has something that is of interest to the average individual.  This month was no different.  There was a great article on “How to Avoid Identity Theft” — something that we are all interested in.  He provides some crafts for young kids and on the last page he’s provided a recipie, some information on mortgage rates and advertising for a couple of charities like the “Childrens Miracle network”. 

He closes the flyer with a coupon for a complimentary market evaluation.

The only real page of advertising is the inside page where he lists properties he is currently marketing.

Other than that it’s really packed with information that every home owner will find handy and that most will probably keep.

Although he doesn’t rely on heavy hitting headlines, he relies on persistence of message to capture your business.

You can take these types of ideas and ideas from what you see around you everyday and work them into an online marketing plan.  If done correctly, it will have the results you expect.



You can also learn a lot about writing headlines, and other promotion techniques

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