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WOW – what a sssssllllloooooowwwwww week it has been.  If you’re reading my blog over at Mohamed Bhimji dot com – website of an Aspiring Dot Com Mogul you probably know that my wife and son are over in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania visiting family.  They will be gone for just over 2 months!

So you’re probably thinking – what a lucky guy.  He can bachelor it for 2 months.

In all honesty, it really sucks.  It’s boring.  And because I’m not much of the party-type or someone that goes out for the heck of it, so it tends to be home-work-home routine for me.  It has given me more time to blog and research, but you can only do so much research.  So I’ve been watching some movies – DVD’s actually.  I actually watched three DVDs in the span of 4 days with one more to go:

  • Batman Returns – I’m a comic book fan and Batman is one of my favourite “super heroes” though technically he doesn’t have any super powers.  Within the Batman series, my favourite character has got to be The Joker.  This was a GREAT MOVIE!  I really enjoyed it.
  • Zathura - I watched this with my son.  His head was buried in my chest every few minutes.  It wasn’t overly scary but a lot of drama for a 6-year old.  Good show though!
  • Aviator – I haven’t watched this yet, will do so sometime this week or weekend.
  • 300 – OK, OK… I just skipped to the guy stuff; you know, all the blood and guts and hacking and slashing stuff.  The sensitive parts are for woosies, OK?

So some of the more challenging tasks is preparing food.

I’ve avoided eating out, as I’m trying really, really hard to lose weight and feel great – but cooking for one person is not easy, and it is time consuming.  So I’ve gone to a few places that my wife and I go to and asked them to prepare stuff for me.  Not too expensive and I get enough for one or two days.  I tend to have stuff like cereal, or toast and chai in the mornings.  Lunches are a challenge, but fruit is great!

The only problem eating the way I am is getting the right amount of nutrition in each meal — you need to eat a balanced diet to get enough vitamins and minerals.  Since I don’t eat meat and few (if any) veggies, I pop vitamins daily to ensure I get what I need.  Too often I run myself ragged only to come down with a wicked cold or some other cold-like virus that drags me along with it for weeks.

Now I’d like to hear from the bachelors out there – how do you cope?  What do you do to fill your time?

Entertain me with your wit!

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