Link Baiting and Link/Site Age


You all know that the number of links to your site counts when gaining rankings in Google, but did you also know that the older a site is that is linking to yours the better it is for you also?

The thought goes something like this:

If your blog gets a link from a domain that’s been around 5 or 10 years the link will (all things being equal) count more than the same link from a newer site.


Link baiting sounds really dirty – but all this really is is a simple process: commenting on other blogs results in links back to your blog AND in turn visitors that visit the site where you’ve placed a comment on are very likely to visit your site.

When you release some linkbait and your article gets hundreds of links from blogs around the world you are very unlikely to see your rankings shoot up. This is because the links are brand new and take some time to gain trust and also because the sites that are linking to you are quite new and they need time to build trust.

Link baiting is not a short term strategy, this is long term and something you need to be doing on an ongoing basis.

One way to start is by visiting some of your favourite sites.  See a post that is interesting?  Submit a well thought comment on it.  Perhaps visit that sites blog roll and follow it to other sites and keep doing the same.

You can not build 10,000 links in one day doing this – instead make this as a part of your traffic process.

I regularly comment on blogs on my blog roll, but I also comment on other blogs that are interesting or I will mention them in a post — this triggers a trackback to the site and in turn spreads some love to me when the SE visits that site and finds me (provided the site has NO FOLLOW turned OFF via plug-in).

Using this technique accounts for approx. 25% of the visitors to my site and as I review my stats in detail I quickly notice that many of those 25% — as high as 80% or 90% of visitors come back.  In terms of actual numbers, 25% is about 30-40 visitors — but those are potentially visitors that may never have found me otherwise.

I also highly recommend the site mentioned in this post, there is some great SEO information there that I am certain you can benefit from!



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