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Looking for a list of upcoming social networking websites aka Web 2.0 companies?  Want to develop the next big thing?  Or are you going to try and create a mashup?  Here are a couple of good resources for you:

First one is CrunchBase, they’ve got an excellent list of Web 2.0 and other tech resources – their directory contains over 3,700 companies and 8,000 individuals.

 TechCrunch blog is an excellent resource for information, like this (rather old) post on “34 More Ways to Build Your Social Network

Another excellent resource is – that bill themselves as “The Complete Web 2.0 Directory”.  This site is great, but it seems to take forever to load-up — that’s perhaps because they display a log of all the Web 2.0 companies in their directory and there are just a few of them out there.


There is some great information you can find here, for example I came accross a site called Lucratives.  What’s Lucratives all about — well, although I did not intend to do a full-scale review of all the sites listed (too many) I did go through one of the many that caught my eye  The name of the company is and it’s billed as “The Exclusive Internet Marketing Resource”.  Here is what’s on their front page, followed by my mini-review of the service.

LurcativesThe Lucratives Community aims to fix this… It contains the Best Internet Marketing Links and Tips in an easily accessible and well structured format. All with one common goal – to help internet entrepreneurs become more knowledgeable and profitable online.

What makes Lucratives different?

So when I keyed in lucratives in Google, it found the .NET site, not the .ES site.  The .NET site reported an error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tpl_function_checkactionstpl() (previously declared in /home/lucrativ/staging/plugins/function.checkActionsTpl.php:2) in /home/lucrativ/public_html/plugins/function.checkActionsTpl.php on line 5

But when you click on the logo, the site resolves to the .ES (so the URL is

There is some great internet marketing information on, and as such we’ll be making more use of the service.  But it’s essentially like DIGG.


They don’t offer a widget or button, but a bookmarklet that you’d plop onto your IE or FireFox browser.

I went and tried submitting a story (mine, of course).  First thing that happened, is that their spell check did not work.  No worries.  I know I’m a good speller.

You can select a category from a pretty exhaustive list, and finally enter a trackback and click on “Preview & Submit”.  And that’s it, you’re done.  It appears that each new submission is automatically given 5 stars – I mean, you would flag your own entry as 5 stars, right?  So they’ve done this for you.

Your post shows up initially in “upcoming” and eventually would show up in their main site.

Here is what their User Control Panel looks like…


Will this fly?  Who knows… but as I went through the stories, there is some great internet marketing information available.  At the very least, if your blog is MMO, IM or along those lines you should probably be submitting to Lucratives and looking at the return — meaning, are you getting visitors from them?  If so, then continue on with what works.  If not, drop ‘em and try another method.  However as they are focused on Internet Marketing and Business you should see some successes from posting entries at the site.

Lucratives has 11 main categories:

  1. General Guides
  2. Web Products
  3. SEO
  4. Income Generation
  5. Business Development
  6. Content
  7. Analystics
  8. Personal
  9. Outsourcing
  10. Timesavers
  11. Resources

Each also have sub-categories.  For example, under Web Products they list:

  • eBooks
  • Blogs
  • Content Based Websites
  • Online Communities (they spell it Communitys)
  • Web Shops

All in all, the site is very friendly and easy to navigate.  We will continue working with to see if indeed it will be lucrative for me.

I popped on over to CrunchBase to see if they were listed there, but they do not show up on CrunchBase and unfortunately there is very little information on the site that tells you about the management, the team, when they started etc.,   They DID have a Contact Us form though…

It would have been nice to know what the process is; that is how long it takes for an entry to go from upcoming to published – but alas alot of crucial information is just not there.

If you’ve worked with, can you tell us more about them?

What did you like/dislike.  Was it lucrative for you?  Did you see visitors streaming in?  Or are they more of value as they are getting indexed more often and as such the spiders will find your site?  Please do share your experiences with Lucrative.


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