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make money online dofollow It’s not rocket science.  Commenting meaningfully and not spamming on DOFOLLOW blogs can result in your site going from a PR0 to PR4, 5 or 6 in no time.  Not only that, but you can potentially attract hundreds – if not thousands of visitors every day using this very simple technique.  We’ve read reports where individuals have made hundreds of dollars per day commenting on DOFOLLOW blogs.  So yes, you can make money online with dofollow blogs.  I can’t tell you how this is done… it wouldn’t be fair to the person that gave me the report.

What I can share with you is how to find dofollow blogs.  Here are a few services that I use…

DOFollow Diver – Make Money Online DOFOLLOW Search Engine

dofollow diver

Bills themselves as “The Premiere DoFollow Blogs Search Engine“.  You have the ability to add your site, and to report sites that are perhaps not dofollow friendly.

BacklinkSpot (Beta) DOFOLLOW Blog Finder to Make Money Online

backlinkspot dofollow search engine

As with DoFollow Diver – you need to add your site to their index.

squidoo make money onlineGreat resource I found on Squidoo – (actually I just looove the Squidoo logo and wanted to use it somehow so luckily I found a Squidoo lens for DoFollow)

Comment LuvMake your blog DOFOLLOW FRIENDLY by using some of these great plug-ins that help spread linklove, and bring visitors to your fellow bloggers sites… oh and by the way, we have now installed commentluv here to encourage you to comment…


Some other resources of removing the evile NOFOLLOW tag… 

If your goal is to comment meaningfully on DOFOLLOW BLOGS and work on increaseing your page rank, then you also need to visit - what really sucks is that you can only run one query per hour.  But if you’re using a proxy – you can “fire away”… well, actually you probably shouldn’t do that.

If you know of any other tools to check the PR of site AND its pages, please let me know so that it can be added to this list.

This post will be updated regularly, as such you can find it in the sidebar to the right.

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