Making Money By Publishing Interesting Interviews

Here is another interesting way that YOU can make money on the internet.  In a word – interviews.

People love to read about other people, and even more they love to hear HOW they made it RICH!  From the simplest and mundane details, like not eating out every day to more sophisticated strategies on how they made their millions.  So why not oblige?  Best of all – PEOPLE LOVE TO TALK!  Who doesn’t want FREE PROMOTIONS?  Who wouldn’t love to talk about themselves, and drive hundreds of more visitors to their website?

Now the interview can be about anything – but look for experts in your field.  For example, suppose you run a travel blog but have not travelled much – no worries; but you know someone who has travelled extensively.  Why not interview them?  I know people in IT (for some reason, people in IT seem to travel to more exotic locations that people in other industries — mind you, this is just anecdotal as most of my friends are in IT) that have gone to some off-the-cuff locations, and other mainstream locations.

They can give you tons of advice on places to stay, things to do and a general feel for the location you want to travel.

If your blog is about fitness and exercise equipment – why not interview someone at an exercise equipment store and ask them for details on specific pieces of fitness equipment?  Perhaps you can turn it into a series of posts and along each post ensure that you mention specific keywords that are then linked to fitness equipment related affiliate programs.

When I ran (actually, I still do) a fitness equipment comparison site I’d make most of my sales through this manner — and if you can sell 3-5 treadmills (for example) per month you can find yourself making between $100 and $250 PER TREADMILL SOLD!

You see, the possibilities of making money on the internet are endless – all you need is your imagination and a little “UMPH” to put things into action!

Here is an article from James Brausch aka Diego Norte from his website

Creating a new product is easiest when you interview an expert to get their thoughts and insights on what steps to take when doing this venture. After finding an expert to interview, how do you know what questions to ask?

If you don’t feel comfortable asking questions as the interviewer, you can always choose to be the person interviewed. Most people have a certain area of expertise and because of that they find it difficult to explain and/or ask questions that a beginner to a certain craft would understand and be interested in hearing.

The interview process is the most important and the most powerful of all the strategies involved to start a new venture. It’s also one of the most basic ways to get new information. One person supplies the questions. The other person supplies the answers. This question and answer period is much more successful than if the person interviewed simply hit the record button and started lecturing on their selected topic. Asking questions about a topic ensures that you’ll understand the topic more.

If someone has expertise in a certain field, you might try finding someone who has no experience whatsoever in that certain field, or who is simply a professional interviewer. You can then record the interview and you have your first product.

Another strategy is to search the internet for sample interviews on the selected topic. As you read these sample interviews, you can get the idea of which questions to ask and most of the time you can often use the same questions almost verbatim. Since it is a different person you will be interviewing this is okay because you will get different viewpoints and/or answers.

If you need to, find several interviews on your topic and then just select questions that elicited the most interesting answers to you. If you have an interest in the subject matter and the way it is presented, you know other are going to be just as interested as you.

This last strategy is not for the faint of heart and you have to be willing to put yourself “out there.” You can always do what I call a “pre-interview” to gather intelligence. Go to a public place where you know your topic will be discussed and place yourself in the middle of the conversation. Record this interaction of this topic. When you get home replay the recording and listen for any questions. If you happen to hear a lot of questions pick out the more interesting ones and Write them down and use those for your interview questions. These are questions that someone else interested in our topic area asked you in conversation. They are likely questions that others would also be interested in knowing the answer to.

If you do the last, be smart about it as there are laws that apply. The recording needs to be for personal use only. Unless they give specific instruction, no one likes being recorded for public record. In some areas, this is against the law.

If you are really and truly stuck, think of the five “W’s.” Who, what, when, where, why, and how. Leading off with those questions always leads the person into more questions.

Basically, try not to worry so much about how an interview is supposed to be. If you worry to much on how it’s supposed to go you’ll actually be more nervous than if you just act calm and cool about it.

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