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Money, money, money! 

Though annoying it really rules our lives.  If it didn’t I wouldn’t be writing here, and you wouldn’t be reading.  As I’ve gotten older, making money hasn’t been about having the most toys (though I love toys) it’s been more to be able to live a comfortable life, provide for my family and ensure that I can give my son an even better education that I had.

Money gives us the ability to enjoy what life has to offer and experience life fully.

The fact will always remain that money is needed for living well. 

These days people are finding money in all sorts of ways – the Internet has made it easier to make money.  In this computer-based world where knowledge is as valuable as property and resources it’s not so difficult to start a business and make money online provided you follow a well written plan and have set goals.

Consider when people discovered Ebay.  Many just considered it a place to find things for a good price, or maybe locate that special something you can’t find in a store.  However, don’t forget it’s a place to sell as well.  All of that junk you have in the garage, and all those boxes of clothes, toys, and books you’ve stuck away in the storage room, well it’s all merchandise these days.  A friend of mine collects rotary dial telephones, he buys his telephones on Ebay and believe it or not has a tough time finding them!  Either there is a HUGE market for them, or these are “rare” items.

I was talking to my sister in-law last week and she tossed out a question about Ebay.  I told her how it works and that individuals are using it to buy and sell — whoever thought that a GIGANTIC classifieds marketplace would ever make anyone any money!

There are many ways to make money online. 

If you have an interest or passion, which I’m sure you do, simply type in a few keywords on Google.  You’ll find results fast.  Whether you’re a day trader or a writer, there are many ways to make money on the Internet. 

You no longer have to resort to a business or company for your daily wages. 

The world is certainly becoming more Internet based.  Many individuals have started Internet companies and businesses, which they manage from the privacy of their own home.  Therefore, if you dread crawling out of bed in the morning and dragging yourself to that same old routine cubicle, maybe it’s time that you looked into methods of making money online. 

With the Internet growing like it is, there will only be an increase in opportunities to make money online.

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