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This is a new phone, and one that I haven’t had a chance to try yet (I saw it at Staples for $349.00).  The PLUS is that I can buy the phone without a contract and subscribe on a monthly plan!  I plan on doing this to try the phone out… So the information in this post is from reviews I’ve found on the Internet.

HP iPAQ510This phone supports GSM 850, 900, 1800, and 1900 bands (quad-band phone).

Here is the marketing information on the product:

HP – iPAQ 510 Voice Messenger – Unlocked GSM Smartphone
The HP iPAQ Voice Messenger offers professionals a powerful, easy-to-use Smartphone that combines the mobility of a cell phone, the capability of a handheld organizer, constant contact of a push e-mail device, and the power of an office phone system.

Work in motion
Take your office on the road with productivity applications and the office functionality of mobile versions of Windows. Get to your most important Smartphone tasks quickly and easily with personalized shortcuts.

Speak your mind
Voice Commander provides your own personal Voice Valet. Use spoken commands to perform a multitude of tasks. Have e-mails read to you and reply without typing. Dial a contact by name or digits. Get appointments read to you.

Talk for hours
Up to 6.75 hours of talk time. Save your wireless airtime minutes while in the office with VoIP (Voice Over IP) over your company’s wireless LAN (WiFi) and PBX phone system.

Small in size, big on features
A handy Setup Assistant enables network administrators to manage a fleet of HP iPAQ handhelds. Take more work with you with large internal storage capacity and SD card expandability.

Protect your mobile work
Outlook security helps keep e-mail and other documents secure. Remotely erase data on lost or misplaced devices. iPAQ persistent storage helps protect your data, settings, and installed applications.

Here is a link to jkOntheRun who has a short review on the product. 

Once I pick-up the phone, I’ll also provide you with a review – hopefully in the next few weeks!

Over the next couple of days, I’ll introduce a few more products to you:

  1. Palm Treo 700 smart phone
  2. HP iPAQ 510 smart phone
  3. HP iPAQ HX2790

Of course, there are many more out there all ranging in price.  I’m partial towards HP as I’ve used a for about 5 years now and really like it.



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