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If you read my post a couple of days ago called Capturing Ideas on the Go, you must have also read one of the responses by a visitor to the site:

I have been capturing ideas all the time with the dictophone of my mobile phone – sony k800i and I have noticed that a good phone can integrate functions very nicely. I guess most of the new models of phones have the required functionalities. I wanted to add that an integrated device that can capture sound, video and photos is very important for capturing ideas. Sometimes you see a poster or any type of visual – you make a photo for 3 seconds and you know you have the info if you need it later. Other times you capture ideas with the dictophone (it helps very much if you set a shortcut to the dictophone function, otherwise you probably won’t use it because it would be a hassle; my dictophone starts with the press of 1 button). When you have captured many ideas comes the problem of remembering about them, organising them and eventually accomplishing them. This is a big problem… I have currently more than 150 recordings on my phone and more than 200 photos, but I don’t really want get back to them, cause it is time consuming to go through photos and sounds on a regular basis. One solution is to find a way to remind yourself of the important ones. I sometimes do this as a reminder: if an idea is great I set the sound from its recording as an alarm for the future – for a time when I will be able to write it down. Unfortunately this functionality is not possible with simple devices. Integration of capturing methods and ease of scanning of ideas and notes is very important for a person that likes to take note of many things and ideas. I strongly recommend getting a phone that integrates a good camera, dictophone, shortcuts to those and integration of those with alarms to make life easier.

The first product I’d like to introduce you to is the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet.

The NNokia N800800 is a great little device, I really enjoyed working with it.  It picked up my WiFi signal easily, and I liked the fact that it does have a built-in camera.  Here is some marketing information about the product “The Nokia N800 Internet Tablet exemplifies the epitome of technology, style and portability. The N800 easily connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi or compatible cellular phone. Enjoy the Internet on a portable size tablet with a high-resolution widescreen display in the palm of your hand. Effortlessly make Internet Phone calls, check & send e-mail, instant message and so much more with the Nokia N800. You can also access Internet media at home or on-the-go with the Nokia N800′s high quality stereo audio.

The Nokia N800 NSeries Internet Tablet frees you from your desk and bulky laptop and places the World Wide Web and much more in the palm of your hand. The N800 is the ideal tool if you’re always on-the-go and need to stay connected. Once you use the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, you’ll never leave home without it.

Some of the key features are:

  • Easy internet connection over wi-fi or compatible mobile phone
  • Web on a portable size tablet with high-resolution widescreen display
  • Internet communications: internet calling with web camera, instant messaging and e-mail
  • Access to internet media at home or on the go with high quality stereo audio
  • When this first came out, it was around $500.00 — however Nokia has introduced a newer version of the tablet so this one has dropped to around the $300.00 mark (all prices in CDN dollars – it’s about 30% less in the US).

    I really liked it, but found it a bit bulky.  For me, this is more of a “tech-toy”.

    Over the next couple of days, I’ll introduce a few more products to you:

    1. Palm Treo 700 smart phone
    2. HP iPAQ 510 smart phone
    3. HP iPAQ HX2790

    Of course, there are many more out there all ranging in price.  I’m partial towards HP as I’ve used a Pocket PC for about 5 years now and really like it.



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