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Earlier today I spoke about Understanding Different Types Of Resale Rights - in a continuation of the post we’ll go into the types of resale rights that are available and when you’re buying rights what you should look for and what types of resale rights you should offer when you’re selling rights to your product.

First lets get something very clear – depending on the type of rights you are offering, you are NOT SELLING and possibly NOT BUYING “the product” — which would include the copyrights to the product.  In most, if not all cases the copyright to the product is normally held by the author and very few relinquish that right.  Private Label Rights products are generally those where the author is going to relinquish the rights to the product – but even then you need to ensure that that is clearly stated; DO NOT ASSUME ANYTHING!

In most cases, the resell rights products that I’ve been exposed to generally DO NOT OFFER private label rights.  So you have permission to resell the product, modify the sales letter, graphics etc., however you do not have permissions to modify the e-book or any other material.

These types of products will drive traffic away from your site and in most cases the entire e-book is one BIG sales letter for the author because many of the keywords linked in the e-book will point to affiliate programs that the author belongs to or to their website.

Here is a very typical disclaimer that you will find on most resale rights products that do not offer private label rights:

Resell Rights Disclaimer

The product that I swiped this from contained affiliate links on every page of the e-book, including headers and footers.  The problem was that because of the way the PDF was assembled, it did not retain the links - so they just looked pretty (pretty useless…).  I’m sure the author didn’t do any testing at all before they released the product – too bad, so sad.

Another technique that you will find is that authors will give FREE resell rights to a “lower end” product.  This allows those that sell Resell Rights Memberships to get you in the door with stuff like “free gold level resell rights memberships” and then try and suck you into upgrading for hundreds of dollars to their platinum or enterprise memberships.

Buyer Beware - Caveat EmptorIn fact in preparing this post I signed up for about a dozen FREE resell rights memberships and in almost all cases the products were close to identical in all memberships.  When I visited the sales pages of the sites mentioned in the e-books, they were offering their product for free and in a few cases were also advertising that it came with free resell rights — but in ALL cases each product that was being offered contained a disclaimer like the one above and each had dozens and dozens of links back to the authors primary site or affiliate links to other products and services.

Buyer Beware – TANSTAAFL – Caveat Emptor


You get what you paid for (or what you did not pay for) when it comes to resell rights products.  Generally many resell rights memberships will offer free “gold” level or “platinum” level memberships and they may sprinkle in  a few jems amonst the clutter but in order to maximize the membership and get the good stuff you almost always have to pay to upgrade your membership and memberships can range from $27 per month to $97 per month or even one-time fees of anywhere from $147 to $997 or more.  Again – BUYER BEWARE!

What kind of rights should you offer?  That really depends on what your goal is — your goal should be to make more money so you need to think along those lines.  Ideally you want to add resell rights to a product which will be picked up by many people and you want to lead those people to your website where you can offer them additional items.

When it comes to resell rights, I would suggest that you research some of the resell rights memberships out there and offer your product to them for inclusion.  Not only do you expose yourself to a marketer that probably has thousands of people on their e-mail list but you also expose your product to the members of the service.

Resell rights is easy to maneouver and make money from – you just need to now what you’re doing and how to go about doing it.

I will continue this series of posts over the next few days.  If you want to see something specific, submit a comment!

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