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Practical Time Management SkillsHi,

The other day, Mohamed gave you two great tips on managing your time.  They were good, mine are better… atleast the images I pick are better.  :-)

Until science can perfect (or even come close) to time travel, we’re stuck in our daily routines and doing the best we can to manage the time that we do have.

Time management comes through patience, and practice.  There is not a magic formula that will turn you into a time management guru.  The only thing that you can do is read, learn and put into practice those tips that will serve to help you out in your unique situation.

Roberts Great Practical Time Management Tips

Great Time Management Tip #3

Making List for Time Management“He’s making a list, checking it twice… gonna find out whose naughty, and nice…”.  Santa Clause is the uber time manager.  He’s practically cornered the market on time management – and it shows.  Who else can head around the world and drop presents off to millions of kids?  Just how the heck does the jolly fat man do it?  Simple – he gave you the hint.  Did you catch it?  “he’s making a list…”.  That is tip #3 - he is making a list.

The fat guy does it every year, and has been doing it for years!  So what that he’s got a gazillion outsourced minions doing his work?  Damn…I just gave away a tip.

Yes, making a list is tip #3 for you.  You can make a list using traditional methods (and should) like a planner or notebook.  It doesn’t need to be anything fancy – you just want to make a list of the things you need to get done so that you stay on track.  A simple notepad works great – doesn’t matter the size.  Another trick is to keep something like an MP3 recorder or other device to help you track ideas that may come to mind when you’re out and about…

Lists work great.  We use lists here.  Mo just can’t seem to stick to them!  ;-)

Great Time Management Tip #4

Team work!  Working as a team, you can get more done.  But if you’re a one-man/woman show in terms of your blogging business, YOU are the team.

Consider outsourcing.  The jolly fat guy has thousands of minions working for him.  Do you think he could afford to pay them in the off season?  Nope.  He OUTSOURCES!  But when he needs them, he’s got an instant team ready to do his bidding.

Run your business in the same way.  It’s impossible doing everything yourself.  Outsource tedious work, like blog posts on specific topics, or design or the dozens of other things that you need to do to keep your blog running.

time management black hole Time doesn’t need to be a black hole where your day gets sucked into, never to be seen again.

Using some practical time management skills, you can recapture parts of your day and better utilize the time that you do have available.




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