Never Admit To Your Shortcomings or Learn How To Fail!


This post has been in draft for a few weeks, as I wasn’t quite sure just how to write it (yes, although I love writing I get writers block from time-to-time).  So normally when this happens, I save it as a draft and go about my business.

Today as I was visiting one of the individuals on my blog roll, and Jack Keifers post stood out (you really ought to read his posts, they are very good) “Do You Have The Courage To Fail“.  As I read it I thought back to my post, and how I could finally write it and express what I am thinking.

What I especially enjoyed was this:

The important point is don’t let the fear of failure stop you from succeeding! If you didn’t take action because you’re afraid of failing at something, then you’ve already failed. Ok, that wasn’t so hard was it? You’ve already failed by being afraid to fail! The sun is still rising in the morning, people are still going about their business, and you are none the worse for wear. Ratcheting your business to be the best it can be is done by taking your tiny failures or flaws and using them to your advantage. Failure must be used as a tool. These are the road maps to success. Never give up. Most people give up when they’re just on the verge of success. Have you been initiated into the ranks of failure yet? If so, congratulations! You have now found the key to success!

We all like to think we’re great at everything — but you know what, we’re not.  When you are doing home renovations, will you look for a jack of all trades OR will you look for specific trades to help with the project?  I’ve tried both and never been disappointed but if I were to build a house, you bet I’ll be looking for professionals in their field.  But in either case you have ASKED FOR HELP.

The same holds true for running your business.  As you start your business, and as it grows you quickly realize that you can’t do everything yourself.  Eventhough you may be good at all aspects of the business, there will be somethings that are tedious and that must be outsourced to someone else so that you can continue to grow your business.

Perhaps submitting to blog carnivals is taking up too much time, or taking care of social media submissions is another time killer or even something like writing headlines is slowing you down.  You need to ask for HELP — or atleast, ask questions.

It’s as simple as asking a question on like-minded blogs.  Most webmasters (and business owners) are more than willing to share their knowledge with others — why?  It helps establish themselves as experts in their field.

Look around you – look at my blogroll and visit the sites.  They all provide fantastic information, for free!  Much of the information I’ve gleaned from many of these individuals could easily be packaged and sold.

I’m not that great when it comes to copywriting, so I ask questions.  I poke around, and if something looks good then I’ll invest money into the product/service since it will help me.

If you are trying to fail – do everything yourself, don’t ask questions and stay cocooned in your world.

If you are trying to succeed – ask questions, and request feedback.  You will be surprised at what information you will get if you ask the right questions!


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