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Make Money OnlineHi,

The gurus do it all the time. They ask YOU to JV with them, for an unbelievable product. They send out subtle hints to a slow – but growing list of internet millionaire wannabes. Everyone figures they will get rich pretty damn quick if they only get in on the ground floor of the newest money making scheme opportunity.

It is like investing in a technology start-up.

Could you imagine what your networth would be today if you or your parents invested in Microsoft when they first went public?

How about a more recent company, like RIM? You know, the guys that develop and manufacture the BlackBerry device? I read that a $100,000 investment would be worth several MILLION dollars today.

I did some research.

RIM was worth $6.75 in December 1997 (about 11 years ago). If you had the stomach to invest, and knew about the company and only plugged $1,000.00 into the company you would have purchased about 148 shares. Had you held onto those shares, today that $1,000 investment would be worth $18,000 today.

It’s not everyday you get these types of opportunities, which leads me to this opportunity.

Blog Premiere

How many webmaster forums have you seen? How many IM forums have you seen? How many MMO forums have you seen? Most of them are crap. They get taken over by the MLM crowd, and the hard work the owner has put in to weed them out fails and they loose moderators and eventually the MLM crowd takes over because the owner just can’t keep up anymore. Rather than shut the forum down, they let it go…

Well here is a forum whose goal is to help the BLOGGER succeed.

Blog Premiere Buzz In The Blogosphere

The forum is very new:



But there are already 55 active members (yes, I am a member there) and they’ve written 1,188 posts! Do the math, that’s about 21 posts per person!

So why am I comparing an investment in a tech start-up to BlogPremiere? Simple.

Get in on a good thing early in its infancy (BlogPremiere) and the rewards will be that you are recognized as an expert. But that means to contribute to the forum and become an active participant. That doesn’t mean flogging your SIG using one line replies – that’s just plain, old spamming and not a very nice thing to do to Jason, who has put in a lot of work to get BlogPremiere going.

If you haven’t already found BlogPremier, then click on the links, register and participate!

Robert Benjamin

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I'm a man of mystery. I like anonymity, but on the WWW there is not much of it...
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