Obstacles are holding you back!


In a recent post on James Brauschs’ website (http://www.jamesbrausch.org/the-fine-art-of-focus/), James talks about focusing your energies so that you are able to identify and overcome obstacles that may be in your way of achieving success.

While doing a bit of research on other ways to overcome obstacles, and focus on your business I came across this - http://upwardaction.com/wordpress/2007/12/12/top-secrets-for-overcoming-obstacles/.

I really liked this part of the post:

“Overcoming Obstacles:  Obstacles are most prevalent and disruptive when you are distracted from your focus and commitment to accomplishing your goals.  The secret to overcoming your obstacles is found in your focus and commitment to success.”

The post goes into identifying the top 3 obstacles that are preventing you from achieiving your goals then spending about 10 minutes envisioning what it will feel like to achieve the goal and what it will feel like if you don’t achieve that goal – how will that goal impact your life.

What obstacles are in your way to achieving your goals?



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