One Awesome Website

…ok, I haven’t posted an awesome website in a looooong time.

This is one site you simply must check out!  One of the cool things about my BlackBerry Curve (well, all the BBs that I’ve had) is that you can sign up to VIIGO and download RSS feeds to your BB.  I found this great site and have been reading it diligently for weeks now.

If you’re looking for a time out and some interesting trivia then check out…

This is one of the coolest sites I’ve come accross in a long time!

Here are just a few of the great posts…

From the interesting post of Percy Fawcett and The Lost City of Z, to something more macabre like 7 Famous Executioners or how about 10 Plundering Politicians (you ought to read about some of these despots antics, like Jean-Bédel Bokassa how crowned himself a King).  I really enjoyed 7 Bizarre Unsolved Mysteries.

If you like something slightly off beat you could read about 6 Historic Figures That Were Celibate or for the more obscure and slightly (well, very) off beat 8 Historic Figures That Were Pederasts.

Regardless of what you like, I’m quite certain that you will enjoy reading!


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