Optimizing headlines for success


One of the first things you will need to learn is how to write compelling copy, for your sales page or even for a headline in your blog.

Take for instance, these two headlines:

Which do you think scored higher?  I used a program created by James Brausch called Glyphius to score the headlines.

The second post would potentially give you SE points since the term “internet business” is a keyword that I use on the site – and the more links to it would improve my ranking.

But believe it or not, the first post scored higher!

The first post scored a value of 204 compared to 84 for the second.

The headline for this post also scored quite highly – 237 according to Glyphius.

James no longer sells Glyphius directly.  You’ll need to purchase it from one of his resellers.  Search for the term “Glyphius” without the quotes and purchase the application from one of his resellers.



P.S. See a related post over at Richard Lees website.

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