Organic Visits vs Pay Per Click Traffic

So there are a couple of ways to get visitors to your site.

The old, trusted and true method of organic visits.  But it does take time, and though you could scale your efforts it take a lot of work.

Organic visits come about several ways:

  • Article marketing.  You submit articles to all the major article directories.  As these get visited regularly by the search engines spiders, your site should also get indexed quickly and in many cases these are one-way links to your site.  If you’ve written your articles with keywords in mind then you should slowly start to rank for these keywords and in turn will get visits based on those keywords. The only problem with article marketing is that it is slow.  There are tools out there that will spin articles, so one article could become 50 in a matter of a few seconds but few of these tools result in good quality articles.  So your only choice is to either write them yourself or outsource them to someone – I’ve got issues with outsourcing articles.  Most of the stuff I’ve ever outsourced in the past has been real shit.  Serioulsy.  Even when the individual has come recommended.  Now mind you I wasn’t paying a premium for the articles, perhaps as little as $1.00 each – but they were realy crap.

    There are also good tools out there that will help you distribute your articles to hundreds of sites – doing it by hand isn’t an easy job.  Trust me.

    Read up on Mass Article Creator and Submitter.

    Lesson learned has been you get what you pay for.  Pay a little, get crap.  Pay a little more, get better quality.  Pay a lot, get content like it was meant to be written — with an authoratative angle.

    I’ve taken the route of writing my own content for several niches that I work with – my most recent “experiment” has been with best home mortgage loans.  I prefer to write my own content, and if it is for a niche that I don’t know a lot about I read up on the niche.

    Organic marketing and visits are also done through link exchanges, commenting on blog posts (though that may not work as well as it used to), guest posting on blogs and most recently taking advantage of social media.

  • PPC – this is one of the easiest ways to get huge amounts of traffic to your site quickly.  Pay for it.  Again it’s not easy – you still need to do your homework but rather than worry about spinning or writing articles you are developing and preparing “winning” ads that are run through Google, Yahoo, MSN or Facebook and the multitude of ad networks out there. PPC is quick but it is expensive and over the years marketers have stated that you can expect about 1% conversion.  So that means for every 100 visitors to your site, 1 will buy something.  So you see where it can get expensive.

There is no guaranteed way to get traffic – for every niche that you work in you need to try different routes – however using a combination of organic growth methods with PPC and building a mailing list will help in securing traffic and being able to monetize that traffic so that you see a ROI instead of nothing.

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