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There is nothing worse than visiting a site that is taking minutes to load.  When I was on dial-up (which was for only a few years), it was acceptable but at the same time there was not a lot of javascript, flash or large images and “bling” on websites.

Today it is not acceptable.  I won’t wait more than 10 or 15 seconds for a page to load.  If it takes too long, I leave the site. 

So you can imagine how surprise I was when I saw the site on a list that said my pages were slow loading and the size of the page!  PimpMyPageRank had offered a free service that measures loading times of sites on the Top 100 blog list at – we ranked 21 (the higher you rank, the worse offender you are).

What to see where you sit on the rank?  Check out this post – Does your page load time STILL suck?.

If you are on the site and the Top 100 Blog List then you will appear on PimpMyPageRank site.

Check it out…

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