Put The Research Of A $60 Billion Company To Work For You

There are dozens, and dozens of good keyword utilities out there.  They perform a wide variety of tasks – they will probably query multiple search engines and grab data, others will scour top websites and pull out their keywords but they all cost money.

So why not put the research of a $60 billion company to work for you?  I’m talking about Google of course.

Google offers many cool toys from their R&D department but perhaps one of the best has got to be the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool is fast, and best of all it’s cheap – FREE!

The tool gives you insight into the billions of searches that Google executes every day.

Lets step through a keyword search on “weight loss”.  Here is the first screen that you are shown after you enter the keyword or phrase you want to get information on.


This gives you some information – but the search period is for May.  If you scroll down the list, you’ll see where the goldmine is.


This is what you are looking for.

But you don’t necessarily want to go after the keywords that have the most hits to them – these are going to be even more competetive.  Instead go after the “low hanging fruit” – the keywords that you will be able to score high for due to the low number of searches against them – BUT nevertheless searches were made for those keywords.

In this case, the low-hanging fruits (or longtail keywords) could be weight loss plans, weight loss plan, free weight loss, effective weight loss, weight loss recipes, weight loss advise, weight loss supplements, weight control, weight loss pictures, easy weight loss, weight loss products, quick weight loss diet, healthy weight loss, safe weight loss, weight loss diets and weight loss exercise.

Now the strategy would be to write posts on your blog with these keywords and possibly articles around these keywords which would then be posted to the various article directories out there.

Targetting the highest searches isn’t always a good idea – unless you have some good black-hat techniques that can help you without getting you in trouble.  Otherwise strategies such as longtail keyword or the low-hanging fruit will get you hundreds if not thousands of visitors to your site.

Good luck!


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