Quick Tip: High Paying Google Adsense Keywords

AdSense is still a viable way for your website to make money while doing nothing. Years ago you would have to pay dearly for high-paying keyword lists for AdSense. With the tools out there today, including the FREE tools that Google provides you can now get high paying AdSense keyword lists for practically nothing. Here is a great list of keywords over at WP Marketing.

Here are a few keywords from the list provided, along with the cost to purchase through AdWords:

  • school loan consolidation $69.16
  • college loan consolidation $68.35
  • car insurance quotes $66.88
  • school consolidation $66.29
  • auto insurance quotes $65.90
  • college consolidation $64.04
  • student loan consolidation rates $60.14

They all have to do with money.  Wonder why…

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