Realism in Rebill Offers or Rebills Rebooted

WOW.  I just can’t believe how professional (yes, thats the word I used) rebill offers are becoming.  Not that it’s new, but the level of sophistication is going up BIG TIME.  Take this offer (I’ve redirected using a plugin I’m using) at (and no, this is not my offer).

When you first hit it you’d think you’re on a site like CNN:

Immediately when you take a look, it looks very authentic – the CNN logo, is of course quite prominent so you may not give it a second glance and take it as-is for its word.  They’ve added some nice touches to this – a report investigating the issue at hand.  They’ve determined where I am so the advertisement is highly targetted to my location.  They’ve added related videos.  A realistic clock with the time it currently is where I am along with other headlines that will get people thinking — I mean, H1N1 (Swine Flu) has been on everyones mind and the Health News logo looks like it would belong to a major news organization.

Well done!

Next up:

I loved this!  They present the weather for my location, along with a map – and get this, advertisements on a rebill offer!  Talk about steering someone away from the page and clicking CLOSE on it.  As usual they’re targetting the advertisement by geolocating where I am.

What’s an offer without coupons and comments.  These are the most realistic coupons I’ve ever seen in any rebill offer.  And to top if off, they’ve included several comments.  If that wasn’t enough…

They give you the opportunity to leave a comment – what’s the chance you can actually leave one?  I’d say pretty slim, though I never tried.  But what I especially liked are the additioanl topics at the bottom: TRAVEL and SPORTS.  Who doesn’t want to travel?  And wouldn’t you look good travelling if you’re slimmer?  Sports is the same thing – those stadium seats can be a tight fit – but hey, if you lost weight you could fit into them.  The RACING image is the best - skiing.  Need to be very nimble, and lets face it big people (I’m a big person) are not all that nimble.

This is an example of an excellent rebill offer – they’ve included the T&C at the bottom of the page and it’s in clear easy to see text.  They’ve not put the text using a light-gray text on a white background but it is very prominent at the bottom of the page — provided you go that far down.

I only wish I could remember what website I visited triggered this window to pop-up.

…oh if you’re trying to figure out who owns this domain, don’t bother.  It’s a private registration.

…something else, if you’re going to try your hand at PPV/PPC and REBILL OFFERS > GET WHOIS PROTECTION!  Trust me, you’ll never regret it.

…finally, I don’t really mean to out anyones ads but this was a great ad – and I’m sure you would have found it eventually.  Maybe.  Shit.

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