Review Your Way to Affiliate Riches with Extreme Review

You’ve heard the saying There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch – and in Internet or Affiliate Marketing, you will not get rich by taking short cuts.  Here is a product we happened upon, and bought and really think it is great.

Extreme Review Erica Stone

Product reviews make money, provided that they are written well.  You can outsource the work, but you still need a solid foundation in which to start with.

This is where this product EXTREME REVIEWER comes in.

We are not going to show you any fancy graphics, or 3D e-book covers.  This book is good, and if you are trying to make it in Affiliate Marketing you need to buy it.

What will you get in EXTREME REVIEWER?

  • 70+ PDF step-by-step instructions
  • Multiple niche-finding strategies, queries and code (make Google do the work for you!)
  • How to check the competition of any niche
  • Super simple keyword research (and why you only need ONE to get started)
  • How to find great product ideas you’ll enjoy writing about
  • How to tell if your niche has income potential BEFORE you get started
  • How to choose the right domain name
  • Review formatting instructions for the best SEO
  • Sample review
  • Sample informational post
  • WordPress set-up and plug-ins for a well optimized site
  • Researching your products
  • Writing the review
  • SEO tips for formatting the review
  • Informational articles that bring buying traffic
  • Promoting your site – includes 28 of my favorite bookmark sites, 15 of my favorite RSS sites, how I use & Twitter for easy backlinks, article strategies, and more
  • Growth strategies that take your site further than your competitors
  • Checklist of activities
  • Bonus review template (my very own code and instructions for designing consistently formatted product reviews)
  • Bonus backlink strategies that save time and money

Why do you need it?

  • Great potential for consistent monthly income
  • Ability to focus on 1-2 sites vs. many (less domain expense)
  • Leverage popular Amazon affiliate network AND/OR other physical product networks
  • Strong conversion rates (consumers trust places like Amazon)
  • SEO strategies that will work for ALL of your sites
  • Work at your own pace
  • Scalable – add more content and products, outsource the steps, and/or start new sites
  • Easy to start with just a domain and hosting (all the keyword research and competitive analysis is done using free tools)
  • Building a potentially valuable piece of online property
  • Outsource if you want, or do the work yourself (I do all of my own work and only outsource backlinks every now and then)

It even comes with a 90-day guarantee.

Click on the links in this post to learn more about the product or click the button below…

Extreme Review Blackhat Erica Stone

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