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Blackberry Curve Research In MotionI’ve mentioned a few times about what I do, as Director of Customer Service and Operations I manage a team of 30 people in a few different areas.  One of my key responsibilities is to provide support and be in touch with the office.  When I first started, I had a plain-jane cell phone.  Nothing very cool.  I was then upgraded to a Blackberry.

First few weeks I ended up getting Blackberry thumb.  My thumb ached from using the scroll wheel on the side.  Eventually I got used to it.  It was a great phone, just bulky.

Most recently the company phones came up for upgrades through our cell carrier, so I was given a few choices:

  • BlackBerry World Phone
  • BlackBerry Curve

I ended up picking the BlackBerry Curve.

Initially I wasn’t quite sure about it since it’s a bit wider than my old BlackBerry but it is much thinner and it had a few great features that my old BB didn’t have:

  • Email and Text Messaging
  • Instant Messaging
  • Organizer
  • Browser
  • Advanced Phone Features – Voice Activated Dialing
  • Advanced Phone Features – Quad Band SmartPhone
  • Camera – 2mp with built-in flash, 5x digital zoom
  • Video Recording
  • Media Player
  • Social Networking
  • BlackBerry Maps
  • GPS – subscription service
  • Wi-Fi
  • Expandable Memory – I added 2gb mini-SD
  • Trackball

I’ve tried most of the features on the phone.  Love the camera and video recording – quality is not bad for a phone.  The voice activated dialing is GREAT!  Works with my Bluetooth headset, though I always try not to take or place calls when I’m driving.

The GPS subscription service is good, but I’ve noticed that it is a bit slow at times and sometimes you get the weirdest directions.  My favourite is:

  • Go .5 km and make a u-turn

The problem is the road that I was on doesn’t really permit u-turns as it’s pretty damn busy!!!  Got a chuckle out of those… Otherwise the GPS system is great, however at $10.00/month you are better off buying a dedicated GPS unit for your vehicle.  Of course the advantage with having everything on your phone is just that – ONE DEVICE, not phone + GPS + PDA etc.,

Text messaging is as you would use it on any other phone – but having a full QWERTY keyboard is a godsend (ok, so I exaggerate…).  But seriously, it’s much better than hitting one key a million times to get a different key.

I’ve also used the Instant Messaging to keep in touch with my team, and a few of the guys in IT that I work with regularly.

I like this phone so much, I am seriously considering getting one for my wife.  She has a LG slider and the battery just sucks on the phone. 

The only thing that I don’t like is the cheap, vinyl case that RIM packages.  Surely a company that is on top of the world can afford to provide a better case?  It’s a $200.00+ phone and to give you a $24.99 case (which probably costs them $0.50 each) is kind of cheesy.  The case that they provide for the World Phone is much nicer…

Otherwise I’m pretty happy with the BlackBerry – the Curve is a great phone!

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