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I LOOOOVE icons.  I’m a packrat and download any free icon sets that I can find.  I especially like some of the professionally designed icon packages out there – but they are expensive, we are talking several hundred dollars but you do get hundreds if not thousands of icons.

Now you can imagine my glee when I found this website… before I give you the URL here is the quality of icons you can get.  For free.  Yes, for FREE.

Here are the packages you can download:

AeroVista, Radium, VistaICO, World Cup Flags (SWEET), World Cup Tux (SWEETER), Office Space, Apple Products, Aquarium, Christmas, Old School, Toolbar… there is 9 pages worth of superb icons that you can download.

The icons come in packages from as small as 7 icons to as many as over 100.  All are in 256×256 format and in PNG and ICO formats (website ready).

The icons are not meant to be used in commercial applications, only for personal use so using them on your website might require clarification – but imagine using these high quality icons on your website for navigation or within your blog posts?

You can download these icons from VistaIcons… is a collection of free Vista Style icon sets of over 2500 high quality icons in png and ico format. From you can freely download 256×256 PNG icons for Windows Vista.




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