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I’ve been using FeedBurner and the FeedSmith plug-in on several of my blogs to monitor my feeds. Yesterday I wanted to see what you would see if you were to access the feeds as they are redirected to FeedBurner (now Google FeedBurner) and was horrified to find that NONE of my feeds were up-to-date!!! Aaaack – how can that be? Sure enough when I use the GFB link my feeds are ancient.

So what to do?

Well first off, I got rid of FeedSmith and am not using FeedBurner – but then the question becomes how can you monitor your feeds to see what’s hot? Statistics are important for your websites they tell you what you’re doing right and hopefully an indication of what is wrong.

So I jumped into WordPress to look for a replacement stats package for feeds – now mind you, a few of the plugins that I use for visitor tracking and stats do indicate the number of users that access the feeds but that’s all they tell me. Not a lot of data to work with.

I installed two packages onto my blogs.

The first is called FeedStatistics by Christopher Finke – download from at and the second is called FeedStats where you can grab from

Both developers provide great screen shots of their plugins, so it’s nice to see in advance what information will be presented.

In addition to their respective WordPress pages, Chris also documents and presents FeedStatistics on his website found at  FeedStats also has a plugin/author website however the content is all in German – if you can read German – great, visit at

While it may be nice for a 3rd party to track your statistics it is nice having the option of tracking your own statistics, so that you use the data however you want.

I’ve just installed both plugins on a few of my blogs to see how they perform and will report back in about a weeks time with some screen shots to let you know how well they do (or don’t perform).


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