Ruin Your Health In 10 Easy Steps

Tis the season – well, it can always be the season if you want to ruin your health.  We all know what it takes to stay in good health, but what does it take to ruin your health?  Follow these 10 simple steps and you’ll find yourself to ruin…


  1. Don’t get a good night sleep.  Do you snore?  Don’t do anything for it.  Stay awake till the wee hours of the morning playing Your Wii, XBOX, PS3 or any other game machine or watch TV?  That’ll do it.  How about sleep in a room that’s either too hot or too cold.  Best of all, ensure you never get into REM sleep or the deep sleep your body absolutely needs in order to get well rested… oh a healthy dose of caffiene will also ensure you don’t get a good nights sleep.
  2. Ensure you are overworked at the office.  Don’t take a lunch break, don’t step away from your office, work, work, work.  Load up on caffiene, ensure your BlackBerry (aka crackberry) is always turned and you answer every e-mail within seconds of receiving it.
  3. Chores, chores, chores.  Just let ‘em pile up so that you have absolutely NO FREE TIME for anything else, like a hobby or passion of your choice, like maybe yoga, or some other exercise that would help burn off stress.  I mean, why do you need a hobby or even time to relax?
  4. Make BAAAAAD food choices.  All the time.  Forget eating right, forget vegetables and fruits.  It’s FAST FRICKIN FOOD everyday!  Hoorah!  Oh yah, just lay down after you’ve eaten – forget about burning off any of those calories.  To make sure you’ve really made a bad food choice – drown yourself in calories.
  5. Don’t drink water!  Forget water, dehydrate yourself.  Coffee, and sodas are great!  Why drink water anyway?  Yuuuuck!
  6. People.  Surround yourself with energy suckers, you know the ones I’m talking about meddling parents or in-laws.  People that complain all the time.
  7. Be the couch potatoe.  No exercise, absolutely none.  Best way to ruin your health.
Ok, so I don’t have 10 – but do you really need to know more ways to ruin your health?

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I'm a man of mystery. I like anonymity, but on the WWW there is not much of it...
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