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In these tough economic times, people are doing what they can to save money – from extreme frugality to common sense ones like not buying more than you need.  But did you know that there is such an easy way to save money.

Where I work we have a vending machine.  Pop is around $1.25 and chips are around $1.00 (for small bags).  I see one guy at the machine at least 3-5 times per day.  So on average he’s probably spending around $100.00 per month – not a huge amount, but nevertheless it is something.

For a time I would also visit the vending machine for the Minute Maid Tropical Oragnge drink.  It would cost me $1.25 each.  If I bought 12 over the course of a few weeks the total cost would be $15.00 – but if I went to the grocery store, and bought 12 and kept it in my office and dropped one in the fridge then I could save quite a bit.

A box of 12 will cost me around $6.00 when it’s on sale (not including deposit fees, which you get back if you KEEP YOUR CANS and take them to the bottle depot).  On sale, it’s usually $1.00 or $2.00 less.

So I started buying 12 cans instead and leaving it at work, or in the fridge.  for $15.00 I can get 2 cases instead of 1 and depending on the price as many as 3 boxes of 12 cans.

Am I being cheap?  Damn right!


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