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NOTE: This is a site review, of a non Internet Business site.

On the 18th of March, I posted an entry entitled SEO For WordPress, and one visitor ‘Frostygirl’ asked if I could leave her some constructive criticism of her blog called Ocean Africa which can be found at

This is not a paid review, but my feedback to her about her site.

Who is Bundublog?

Apparently, the term “bundu” means “remote, deserted and uninhabited region, wild area (slang used in South Africa)” according to

I found the About page of Bundublog and this is what is said: is about freedom, it is a means to express yourself without boundaries.Based on an Open Source platform, forms part of the “Open Movement” by offering a “No Cost” blog hosting environment for Africa.From the vision of Gordon Bishop, bundublog aims to give Africa a Voice, a Voice to be Proud of!

Unfortunately the information is pretty vague, so you’re still left wondering about them.  However what you can find about Bundublog is that it is a platform for African bloggers.  I actually did register for an account, eventhough I am not in Africa.

You can also visit their official blog at

Bundublog appears to be on the WordPress platform.  Once my account was verified, I was able to log into it.  They are using the WP platform.

They offer 50mb of space for your WP blog and provide 17 different themes.  Only 4 plugins are provided, and unfortunatley Akismet isn’t one of them — but something that is a must.

A cool option that they have enabled is the AMP plug-in (Anarchy Media Player).

Besides this – it’s a WP blog; nothing more can really be said about that.

Who and What is Ocean Africa All About?


 Ocean Africa is a blog that has been set-up for visitors to “Learn more about people from South Africa” (I really liked the header!).

There is a wide variety of posts on her blog:

The only thing a little “dubious” was the link to Dubai Dollars which appears to be a MLM program, but otherwise the links were to affiliate sites to services for travellers so she (I assume she, based on the screen name of Frostygirl) is trying to monetize the site.

There is some advertising along the sidebar, but some blocks were blank and others didn’t show the image – only the telltale sign that an image should be displayed.

The content on the blog is very good, you can easily tell that a lot of thought has gone into the posts since there are very few “read me & run” type of posts.

The layout is pretty nice as well – very simple and straight forward.

She has even provided a Photo Gallery – only two pictures, but I would guess that over time more will be added of the city she lives in.  My kid loved the picture of the elephants and lion!

Suggestions For Improvement

I’d like to see an About page.  Although there is content on the site that describes the sites purpose, you need to hunt it down.  An About page would be the ideal place to keep this content so that it is accessible easily.  If an About page it not possible, then a link to the appropriate content on the sidebar should suffice.

Install a comment spam stopper!  There are some good comments on the site, but there is also spam.  Comment spam will stop the comment from appearing or the linkback from cluttering the site, but the link will still be there to the site on the splog — not much can be done about that.

Overall Impressions

Overall I liked the site, well laid out and not a lot of clutter.  I liked the template being used, although the font was a little tiny for my aging eyes — but still easy to read.

I will be back to the site, and to the platform looking for other African blogs since I am originally from Uganda, and my wife is from Tanzania and still has a lot of family there.  Although I can not relate to Uganda and Africa in general as I grew up in Canada, I always feel a bit of sentiment when I read about Africa.  I’ll try my blog over at Bundublog and then perhaps recommend it to family members that live in Tanzania.

If you happen to visit her site, please do leave feedback here or at her site.



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