Site Stats to March 29, 2008

Site StatsHi,

Just a quick update as to how the blog is going. 

I’m still waiting for Google to give my page some page rank – but I guess it will happen when it does.  However Alexa is picking up, albeit slowly.  I’m ranked at 363,106 — not bad in my humble opinion.  OIBO is really a one-person show at this point, so it’s tough to comment on other blogs, submit to blog carnivals, host a growing and popular carnival plus all the other things that go with running a blog.  But I’m happy with my progression – though I know I could be doing A LOT more.

I’m not quite ready to reveal my RSS numbers.  They are not spectacular, and I’ve done very little to promote the RSS feed.  Same goes for my blog alerts — I really need to work on enticing people to subscribe (hint – premium product in exchange for your e-mail address is coming!).

However according to my stats package there were 126 hits to my RSS feed over at FeedBurner (

I even had several googlebot spoofers visit the site!

One of the BIGGEST nuisances has been spam comments and trackbacks.  I re-installed Akismet to stop spam and it’s doing a GREAT job.  I need to approve comments from time-to-time, but no worries.  I also installed a plugin to kill all the trackback spam — man this has been a godsend!  It really cleaned up a mess. So while the splogs do give me inbound links they are of course of very (VERY) low quality.  In fact I’ve yet to see even one visitor from the splogs – guess the guys running them are not doing too well!!!  :-)

Since February 29, the blog is doing reasonably well.  These stats are from February 29 to March 29 (generated around 11:57pm PST):

Site Stats

These stats are generated from my raw log files, and analyzed using an application called WebLog Expert.

Remember the blog has been at the new site ( since February 8, 2008 as it was originally at from the start of the year.

Some of my top referrers have been StumbleUpon and DIGG, but commenting on other blogs is also bringing in a lot of visitors – in total over 800 visitors from other blogs — and that’s only from commenting on about 20 or so blogs.

Anyway I just wanted to share some of the sites stats with you.



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