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I was up surfing some of my favourite sites, and I landed on John Cows and found a great post – so followed it through.  As I said previously, I’m a widget junkie — but recently went through and got rid of some widgets.

…anyway, I couldn’t resist and installed the skribit code on the blog.  You can find it on the sidebar, waaaaay down there.

Not sure how it will work – this was installed at around 10:00pm PST on May 4, 2008 – so time will tell.

What is Skribit?


According to the folks over at Skribit – Skribit is a user-generated content suggestion application for blogs. Effortlessly assemble what your readers really want to hear.

It’s supposed to help bloggers cure writers block, and readers to interact with the bloggers by letting bloggers know what the reader wants to read about.

How Does It Work?


Here is a Skribit that has some suggestions in it…


The boys/girls over at skribit also have a blog set-up, you can view it by clicking on it - it is pretty bare right now, since they started up not too long ago.  If after using skribit you want to rate them, head over to this post – and the pop over to and rate them.

If you are using Skribit, can you share your experiences?  It looks to be a great little item that may move up from the bottom rungs of the sidebar to somewhere closer to the top.

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