Small Changes Can Result in BIG ROI

One thing that every active internet marketer should be doing is analyzing the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, whether that be something very critical such as PPV/PPC campaigns or something as simple as your website and how much it is generating for AdSense, or other affiliate programs.  There is a right way, and a wrong way to test.

The wrong way, of course is to not do anything and make spur of the moment decisions.

The right way is to split test wherever possible – meaning one landing page versus another, font styles, font colors, ad placement etc.,  Some of this can be done easily even when using the same ad others take quite a bit more work.  When working with a blog, it is a little more complicated because of the way WordPress (the predominant blog package out there) is laid out – so split testing themes is much more difficult, however split testing headlines and other such items is not so tough provided you are willing to get your hands dirty.  Take a look at this code:

<?php $testcase = rand(0,1);?>

<?php if ($testcase == 0) {?>
//Do WordPress stuff here…
<?php };?>

<?php if ($testcase == 1) {?>
//Do other WordPress stuff here…
<?php };?>

You would do the same thing when testing for AdSense, and in fact there is a great write up for this over at this blog to handle AdSense Split Testing.

In fact we’ve developed some proprietary scripts that help us split test WordPress themes over the last few months and have been putting them to use.  Our data is not complete enough to provide conclusive results (and we probably will not share the full results since the development of the software was expensive) but will give you some of our insights and perhaps leak a few of the templates that worked very well for us.

Now you need to keep in mind that just because it works for us, does not mean it will work for you.  You need to consider several things before making changes and copying what we do, for example:

  • Domain Name
  • What amount of SEO (backlinks, promotions etc.,)
  • Niche/industry that is being targetted

However what we’ve found, especially for AdSense that themes that give TOO MUCH information do not do well.  You don’t want to mix AdSense with a site that has other affiliate programs, otherwise you’re competing for clicks between AdSense and the other advertising.

If your niche is cooking and you’re running many successful cooking (or related) affiliate programs then you do not want to also run AdSense predominantly otherwise it may cannibalize on your affiliate marketing efforts.  That said if you’re in a niche where you are not running a lot of affiliate programs, and want to capitalize on the traffic then AdSense might be an option.

Regardless of what you do you need to consider all aspects and also take into account what you want to accomplish with your site(s) before making drastic changes.

Questions?  Ask.  If Mo or I are in a good mood, we just might answer.

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