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squeeze page secretsI’m sure you’ve seen the e-books, DVD or packages proclaiming “Secrets of the Squeeze Page“, or how about “Squeeze Page Secrets“.  In fact when I Googled the phrase “Squeeze Page Secrets” I received no less than 500,000 results.  On top of that there were three sponsored links above the results, and at least 7 AdWords ads with titles such as:


  • Squeeze Page Genius
  • Instant Squeeze Page
  • Build Squeeze Pages
  • Squeeze Page Advice

To satisfy my own curiosity, I visited a few of the sites to see exactly what they are selling and what type of bonuses they are offering.  Bonuses are a staple of most internet businesses.

Frankly I was shocked at what I saw… actually, I’m not shocked any more.  I fell for these marketing tactics for years and spent thousands of dollars on crap.  It’s the same people selling the same crap, and unfortunately people are falling for it.

Many of the sellers are still giving away Autoresponder Magic – which they claim is worth $97.00 — WRONG.  It’s not.  You can find it for FREE if you look around the web.  People are still trying to sell their products by giving away shit.  Pitiful.  What was more of a play on YOUR feelings was this part of the copy:

squeeze page secrets

What the hell!?!?  This offer is not for everyone.  True, because what you’re selling is crap.  How about this line “…we are literally giving our lifeblood away for a few measly dollars…” – holy smokes.  What a crock of… well you know.  I’m fuming, hence the langauge.

The copy for this was a piece of, um art… though that’s not the first word that came to mind, but the only word I could think of that wouldn’t turn this post from general audience to adult.

Anyway.  I stepped away.  Got a breath of fresh air, and am ready to tackle this.


What Is A  Squeeze Page?

Quite simply, a squeeze page helps in generating leads.  The main purpoase of the site or page is to capture the name and e-mail address of the visitor that has found it.  Normally the squeeze page will not contain any links to any other page on your site or any off-site links.  You don’t want your visitor getting diverted to something else, lest they lose interest in your offer.

In order to entice the visitor to give you their name, and e-mail address the copy for your squeeze page must be good. 

CONCENTRATE ON YOUR HEADLINE!  This will be one of the most important parts of your squeeze page.  You want to draw your visitor into the headline and from there into the copy of the squeeze page.  You want to lead them into your opt-in box and convince them to give you their name and e-mail address.

What else does your squeeze page need?

  • We’ve already mentioned that you need an attention grabbing headline.  You want to compel your reader to look down the page.
  • Build the suspense.  Give them some teasers without giving away any secrets.
  • Call to action – What do you want your visitor to do?  You want their name, and e-mail address – right?
  • Lead them to the opt-in form.  That’s the main reason for your squeeze page.  You want to move that visitor, to a subscriber and into your sales funnel.
  • Give ‘em something – the bribe.  Develop a product of your own, or offer something else which you have the right to give away as a trade.  Make it good thought! 

Ideally you will also give the visitor a free e-book or report.  You should try and get creative!  Suppose the site you’ve created is about golfing.  Spend a little money and get them 3 golf balls with your domain imprinted on them and send them to the subscriber!  That’s original!

Again – PLEASE if you decide to give something away – make it something of value.  If you must, pay to get something developed for you and give that away.  There are too many wannabe internet marketers that are giving away e-books that are 10 years old (yes, that’s right some of the crap that is being given away is old).

Although we are getting way ahead of ourselves here, you should be doing some level of testing using either multivariate or split testing to ensure that you are converting visitors to subscribers.  By testing you can help zoom into the best copy that will work to convert the most visitors.

You should aim for at least 30% conversion if you are using a plain simple squeeze page.  By adding audio and video you should be able to bring up your conversion rate to be as high as 50%

Your squeeze page should be integrated with your mailing list, or auto-responder.  Ideally it should be configured in such a way so that your visitor can not view the source code and jump directly to the “thank you” page and download the freebie that you are giving away.

warningIf you have succeeded in getting your visitors name, and e-mail address – use it responsibly!  Don’t spam them, otherwise that list you have worked hard to develop will be whittled down to nothing.

Here is a sample squeeze page – there are a few elements that should not be on this page, can you spot them?

squeeze page secrets

Along the bottom of this sample page you may not want to include so many links.  Otherwise this what a typical squeeze page will look like.

We most recently purchased Private Resale Rights to a package called Squeeze Page Secrets.  This entitles us to either sell it to others or GIVE IT AWAY.  We will give it away after we’ve had a chance to go through and modify the package to dump all the junk included.  The name of the package is Squeeze Page Profit System Volume 2:

squeeze page secrets profit system

Here is what the package includes:

  • How your squeeze page headline needs to be written to entice every visitor to optin to your list (and it’s not what you might typically think).
  • Where your optin form should be located on your squeeze page to pull in the most subscribers (and how many forms should be placed on your page for maximum results).
  • The simple two step formula the top “gurus” use to create urgency in their optin offers (don’t do this and you’ll lose up to 47% of your leads instantly).
  • The one critical mistake most marketers make when adding any sales copy to a squeeze page (and what you should NEVER do to your own page).
  • The ONE highly-overlooked page element every squeeze page must incorporate if you really want to make BIG MONEY from your optin subscribers.

Could you use this?  Yah, I thought so.

mohamed bhimji dot com


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