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Start Your TubeSo I was surfing the web, and came across TechCrunch – you know the guys the ones wth almost 800,000 RSS feed readers and gazillions of visitors to their site. Well anyway they had this write up on a new service called

StartYourTube does exactly what the name implies. You can go onto the site, create your own “tube”, customize it with colors and graphics, mask it to your own domain, invite friends, and start loading content. The tubes not only host videos but have sections for pictures, audio files, and blogs as well.

So we popped on over to ensure that nobody squatted on OIBO – donachaknow it’ll become a household name some day…

So on top of being able to run your own YouTube copy-cat service, you have the chance at winning $500 – every friggin month! Now if that’s not cool, I don’t know what is.

How Things Work

So anyway you visit the site:

  • Sign up for a free account
  • Personalize YOUR tube
  • Invite your friends
  • Upload COOL content
  • Make MONEY $$$ from advertising
  • Spread the word Tube … isn’t that like “invite your friends???”

Signing up for an account is really, really painless:

Step #1

Start Your Tube

Select a name for your tube – I use videoblogging.

Step #2

Start Your Tube

Enter your name, postal code and country. If you’re into the porn thing – you can even create adult content for your Tube. We’re not into porn. Much too ugly for that.

Step #3

Start Your Tube

Tada! Confirmation message and you’re done. You can check out a couple of Tubes we created. Nothing on ‘em right now… and

Once you go to your Tube page, this is what the default looks like:

OIBO Start Your Tube Page

Not too fancy – but it looks a lot like YouTube.

But since we’re all into MAKING MONEY ONLINE – how can you make money with StartYourTube? Easy – YOUR OWN ADVERTISING! Check it out…


You can set up to 9 different types of advertising on your Tube.

  1. The ads can be changed by entering the ads code in the appropriate field.
  2. The top banner space can not be deactivate in order to keep our design integrity.
  3. You can use these space to display common html code also instead of ads.

The popular pages are the following pages: Main home page of your video sharing portal, The video player page, The Image viewer page, The audio player page.

The Other pages are the following: Top videos pages, Top images pages, Top audio pages, Top blogs pages, Search pages, Sign up pages, Help pages.

The blogs pages are the following: All the page on users blogs.

This post isn’t really meant to walk you through StartYourTube, so we won’t go into the control panel that’s visible when you first log into your account – we’ll save that for a later post.

Start Your Tube

Because we’re pretty damn sure you’re pretty damn smart and can figure it out on your own. But did you notice the “Upgrade your plan”? What’s this all about? Check THIS out:

Start Your Tube

So the basic plan, that we signed up under give you 10,000 views, 200 videos and 200 blogs at a cost of $0 per month. Want more? BasicPlan @ $9.95/mo gives you 20,000 views, 500 videos and 500 blogs while the PremiumPlan @ $49.85/mo gives you 100,000 views, 2000 videos and 2000 blogs. That’s how they’ll make money.

Check out StartYourTube – who knows, as the site says…

YouTube StartYourTube

Mebbe your site will be the next BIG thing and you’ll be able to sell it off? Who knows? They figure that you will be able to cash in…

Start Your TubeWith OVER 12,000 tubes created so far, you better head over there RIGHT NOW and stake your claim. Because you get a sub-domained name off of a lot of the cool names will get taken QUICKLY!

I tried some popular ones like Internet Business, Internet Marketing, Make Money Online and they were already gone. Will YOUR domain be next? Why risk it? Register it and then see where it goes…

StartYourTube (white label video sharing platform) is a user-owned and user-generated content platform for video sharing and blogging. StartYourTube allows users to take back ownership of their content by creating and managing video sites with their own personal domain name. Users choose any sub domain ( or they can use a domain name they own ( is a search engine friendly web-based application that requires no programming experience. Members earn up to 60% of all advertising revenue from their sites.

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