Static Sites Are Dead – GET A BLOG!

internet businessBlog marketing is not easy.  Like everything else, it takes work – but following some simple steps will help you get there and rake in BIG BUCKS … or as big as you want… besides static sites are dead.  The search engines LOVE fresh content, a blog enables you to post fresh content daily.

  1. Get a DOMAIN NAME that is YOURS!  It’s nice to work off of free sites, but there are dangers!  Many hosting companies provide domain names if you host with them, but read the fine print.  Don’t find that your domain name becomes theirs because of the way their hosting agreement works.  You should own YOUR domain name, nobody else.
  2. Setup WordPress on your domain.  IMO, static sites are “dead”.  What you can do with a static site, YOU CAN DO with a blog.  So whatcha waiting for?
  3. Customize your blogs look and feel.  Make it say “YOU” – not “DESIGNED BY blah, blah, blah…”.
  4. Create a FeedBurner PRO account (it’s FREE) and direct your RSS readers to that so you can track your readership easily.  It’s nice to say “hey, look – we hav 25,000 readers” as opposed to “ummm… yah, no I can’t tell you how many people read this blog.  But it’s pretty!”.  Duh.
  5. Create a FREE Google Webmaster account.  There are some GREAT TOOLS in there to help with keywords, WHERE you site is located in Googles Index for keywords that people are using to find your site and a way to submit your sitemap to Google.  It’s free.  Did I mention it is FREE?!  Just visit
  6. Enable stats tracking, using Google Analytics or use a log analyzer to analyze your log files.
  7. Link building.  Link building.  Link building.
  8. Link baiting.  Link baiting.  Link baiting.
  9. Comment on other blogs – best to comment on similarly sized blogs.  Blog on the BIG BOYS and you may never get noticed, but at the same time it doesn’t hurt.  We’ve commented on posts on TechCrunch and other HUGE blogs, and have seen small amounts of traffic trickle from them.  Just don’t SPAM the blogs commenting system!
  10. Try podcasting and vlogging so that you can submit your blog to directories that specialized in those areas.  Don’t do it once, and forget about it.  Perhaps podcast once per week, and vlog once per week so that you’re not marked as a “troublemaker” and are never included in those specific directories.
  11. POST REGULARLY.  This probably should be #1 but this list is presented in no particular order.  We try and blog 1-2 times per day.  Too much, and it’s information overload.  Too little, and your audience looses interest.
  12. If possible, make contact with bloggers offline.  It’s always nice putting a face to a post/blog.
  13. Use social networking to promote your blog: Digg, Sphinn, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Lucratives.
  14. Use other services such as MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog and Twitter.
  15. Once your blog has a respectable number of RSS readers display a badge showing the number of readers it has.  Verify your readership by using the FREE tool over at the BlogPerfume blog –  Here is ours –

There you have it.  15 simple things you need to do because STATIC SITES ARE DEAD.

Robert Benjamin


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I'm a man of mystery. I like anonymity, but on the WWW there is not much of it...
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