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As you know Robert and I are stat freaks.  We look at our stats incessently every 15 minutes.  If I could, I’d have them e-mailed to my Blackberry.

A few weeks ago we found a great WordPress plugin called StatPress.  We still use SlimStat but decided to install this one as well to see how it performs and the results.  While we are still trying to make up our minds, we can say that StatPress is one colorful and very useful plugin.  That’s pretty subjective, right?

Seriously StatPress provides you with a lot of good information.  You get graphs like the one below found on the overview page (these stats are from another site that I also run):


On the overview page you also see the following information:

  • Last Hits
  • Last Search Terms
  • Last Referrers
  • Last Agents
  • Last Pages
  • Last Spiders

On the StatPress menu, you have several options:

  • Overview
  • Details
  • Spy
  • Search
  • Export
  • Options
  • StatPressUpdate

Details are equally as interesting.  You are provided the hard numbers, along with graphs.  On the details page you can see:

  • Top Days
  • Operating Systems – on the site that I’m presenting the Top Operating Systems were Windows XP and Linux
  • Browser
  • Feeds
  • Search Engines
  • Top Search Terms – we LOVE this one!
  • Top Referrers
  • Countries
  • Spiders
  • Top Pages
  • Top Days – Unique Visitors
  • Top Days – Pageviews
  • Top IPs – Pageviews

Here is the Top Browsers for one of my sites:


Next on the menu is SPY.  It does give you some good information, but I didn’t find it very useful atleast not on the site that we’ve installed it on.

Search is pretty self-explanatory, as is the export feature.

Options are pretty straight forward:


…not much needed to configure the plugin.

Installing is super easy.  Unzip, place into the correct location and let ‘er go!

We were quite impressed with StatPress and think that you will also.  You can download StatPress from the WordPress –  The plug-in is very popular with over 64,000 downloads to date.

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