Staying Anonymous On The Internet

Mo asked me not to write this post, but whatever – I thought it was time to share some information with you.

So what does staying anonymous on the internet have anything to do with internet business opportunities, and making money online? A lot! So just follow my train of thought.

You’ve started an IM blog to talk all about your exploits on the internet, about all the money you’re making (that’s called Penis Envy, by the way) and are yapping about what you do and how it’s the only way to do it — sorta like what Mo and I do.

You talk about article marketing, blah, blah, blah…

BUT you decide to tell everyone “oh, but we don’t tell anyone what our websites are because people copy our content” – boo, hoo. Too bad, so sad.

I recently found an IM make money online blogger doing just that (actually most affiliate marketers – [including us] don’t mention sites in specific terms).  Problem is that everything they are doing is so fucked up that it’s funny.  First thing is this – you can’t remain anonymous on the internet if you don’t try.  They are not trying.


Come on, you’re claiming to be make money online gurus and you missed this simple step?  Through private registrations even services like DomainTools will not be able to find you.  Go ahead, visit DomainTools and key in a domain oh like johnchow dot com and you’ll see that there are 48 public domain records.  You could buy all these records for a paltry $140.00 and get a real peek into what he’s doing.  You could do this for all those bloggers that don’t like to talk about their AdSense sites making them 4-figure per month, or their Amazon sites making them 5-figures per month.

Now if any sites are private, those will be difficult if not impossible to find.

Step #2 – ANONYMIZE what you do!

Don’t put your friggin picture online.  Jeez.  Avoid using your first AND last name.  If you’re article marketing, DO NOT use your real name.  Use an alias/pseudonym.

If you publish articles using aliases, why not try using DIFFERENT aliases!  People are so stupid.  Recently I was interested in finding out all the websites that two bloggers own, only because they used the magic words “we don’t wanna show you ours…”.  I like a challenge.  In about 1 hour I found all 45 of their blogs.  Yes it was a pain, and I could have paid DomainTools for the same information but I like the challenge.  Besides when you’re rich and have nothing better to do, you gotta fill your time with something.

So within an hour I was able to find out what keywords they rank for, what their ranking is, how they’ve interlinked their website – basically their entire business plan that they tried so hard to keep hidden.

Anyway in spite of doing what you can to hide where you’re making money online, I’m sure that with enough social engineering it would be easy to track down your secrets if you take as many steps as you can to keep your websites hidden.

No.  I won’t out them.  I’m an ass, but not that much of an ass.  Maybe next time, we’ll let them have a sense of security.

Would you like to know how I did it.  I’m sure you would.  Maybe I’ll tell.  Maybe I won’t.  We’ll see.


About Rob 'n Mo

I'm a man of mystery. I like anonymity, but on the WWW there is not much of it...
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