Steal… From Yourself


I’ve written about blog posting daily on many, many occasions – hopefully you’re not sick of hearing it from me.

But how exactly do you do this?  You don’t simply take a previous post, cut & paste it into a new post with the same title.  That’s just plain stupid and won’t win new any friends.

However you can take an old post, look at the idea behind it and rewrite the post into something new different AND original.

Here is an example:

The post actually exists on OIBO – but for some reason WordPress thinks it is somewhere else…

This is a great candidate for a post that can be retooled and probably expanded with a little bit of research.

First off – the title is pretty horrible – atleast I don’t like it, but Glyphius give is a score of 375.

How about…

Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Blog Design? = 274

Blog Design Mistakes That Are Costing You = 374

and even better

Blog Design Mistakes That Are Costing You Readers, Visitors And Money = 403

Next time to rewrite the actual post.

Review your post, what information can be rewritten?  Over time as you gain new perspectives it becomes easy to take the main thoughts of the article and write new content around it.  This is a topic that is of interest to everyone.  Who wants to loose readers, visitors and most of all money?

So before you think about “stealing” someone elses post – steal from yourself, first!

I am working on the rewrite  to this post.  You should see it within a couple of hours…


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