Help Me Stop Comment Spam! Need YOUR Advice…

CommentLuvI need your help.

I love comments.  I love to get them.  I love to leave them.  We recently installed CommentLuv, so not only do you get a mention if you are a frequent commentor on the site, but we use CommentLuv to parse your feed and get your latest post.

But I have a problem.  I need to manually verify most comments, because of the SPAM.  I’ve tried the reCaptcha plugin for WordPress, but it craps out the blog.  Something doesn’t work well and as soon as it’s installed and you try to get to the page to leave a comment – IE complains it can’t load the site and dies.  Really sucks.

Ever since we’ve started advertising that we’re a Google PR4 site, and provide the TopCommentators plugin and now CommentLuv, and we’re DO FOLLOW to boot – we get a lot of spam.  I hate comment spam because those that leave it obviously think I’m too stooopid to notice and will let them go through.

Yes, I do use Akismet and it works great!  But the problem is that it flags many legitimate comments as spam an sometimes lets the odd spam comment through.

So I’m looking to YOU for advice.  What captcha system are you using?  Can you recommend one that is light weight and easy to install and use?

Please comment on this post – CommentLuv enabled and working!

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