Success Strategies for E-Mail Marketing


E-MailMastering e-mail is an essential skill that is because e-mail marketing is very profitable.  But you need some skills in order to succeed, regardless of the audience.

  1. Know how to capture email addresses.  If you want to make any money from e-mail marketing you need to capture the visitors e-mail address.  You need to master the art and science of capturing the covted e-mail address.  The best way to capture email addresses is to give out a valuable ebook, audio or video in exchange for people’s email addresses.  Take time to create a valuable product (something original, something that is YOURS not the crappy stuff you find on the Internet).
  2. You need to be able to communicate.  You must have the ability to express yourself so that you will be clearly understood.  Did you read my previous post on reading?  If not, please do so >
  3. Target your list with relavent offers.  Don’t offer them A when they really want B.  Don’t know what they want?  Ask them!  Promise them something in return for completing a survey or substantial discount on your next product. 
  4. You must build a relationship with your list. E-mail them often, offer them useful stuff.  When I browse the web and I find something useful, I bookmark the site and later go back to it and work it into a post on the blog.  This way I am giving back to my readers and visitors, and to my subscribers.
  5. Persistance pays.  Don’t go overboard.  When I ran my consulting business years ago, one company that we contracted with told us that prospects need to see your offer more than 7 times to make a purchase.  It was expensive to advertise so many times, but it paid off in the end.

Follow these simple steps/rules and I am certain you will succeed in whichever market you are working in!



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