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Lets face it – if you’re in the affiliate marketing game there are only a few ways to get visitors to your site.  PPC or any derivative of paying to get people to visit your site, or the old method of creating content.  Lots, and lots and lots of content.

Content is, and always will be king.  If you’re not reading the news, then you probably missed the fact that Yahoo just recently purchased Associated Content.  Just what is Associated Content?  AC is a content site where low-cost freelance writers make a living from the ads.  The site generates 16 million unique monthly page views – that’s a lot of eyeballs and Yahoo just bought them.  Don’t you think Yahoo has enough content already?

Mo and I have about a dozen or two great aged domains just sitting around.  About three or four months ago we started putting these aged domains to use.  We got some cheap hosting, and put up a WordPress blog on one site, added all the plugins we needed, a way to automatically post articles, videos and Amazon products (with our affiliate link in them, of course).  We basically created a duplicatable site and multiplied that site about 20 times for 20 different niches.

Initially the site traffic was low – around 100 or 200 visitors per day (within the first 1-2 months).  Then we upped the ante by adding more frequent posts – we went from posting one to three articles every day to about 1 article every 2-3 hours.  The number of visitors went from a maximum of 200 to over 700 in a matter of weeks.  Now for all intent and purposes these are not managed or maintained blogs – other than to ensure that they run.  We’ve bombarded the sites with keyword links to Amazon products.  No other advertising on them right now.  The niches are tightly focused so the traffic that comes to the site is looking for exactly what we’re offering.

Now I’m rich, so don’t really need the money and these sites are not making me that rich – but for about 1 hours worth of work to set-up each site and each site is getting over 700 visitors per day and generating more than enough – I hate to kiss and tell but roughly $300 – $500 per site.  Sure that’s not a heck of a lot but with 20 sites… well, hopefully you get the picture.

By autoposting to the blogs every few hours we more than tripled traffic to the site.  And it continues to work.

Now here’s a little more of what we’ve done.

Each of these blogs has managed to get a Google PageRank of 2, 3 or 4.  So we were able to get stuff like TextLinkAds on about 50-60% of the sites.  This only generates $50 to $100 per month, but not bad for not doing anything.

We never thought of using OIO Publisher on the sites (we have a license) and only thought of this when someone offered us $100 per month for a 125×125 button on the sidebar.  We did one better and offered them a 468×60 banner on every post.  He was happy and has decided to pre-pay for one year.  Again just pocket change.  But in this manner we’ve taken one blog from $0 to well over $500 through affiliate sales + TextLinkAds + private advertising.

Now you should be able to duplicate what we’ve done and make what we’re doing, if not more if you’re more focused than we are.

- Robert

… the guy with the purple mohawk has absolutely nothing to do with this post.  I just liked the picture and no, it’s not me or Mo.

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I'm a man of mystery. I like anonymity, but on the WWW there is not much of it...
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