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Just a few posts ago http://www.oibo.org/free-issue-of-testing-at-jbs-site.html I mentioned that James Brausch was giving away a copy to his print newsletter called Testing.  I received the copy via e-mail early Saturday morning and went through it.  Here are my thoughts on the newsletter:

Overall impressed with the data, since James gets a lot of visitors to his sites the data is very relavent to you and I, at the minimum it will give you an excellent idea of what to do and what not to do.  Testing guages the pulse of a wide range of visitors, so what might work for one will not necessarily work for someone else — so you need to consider all test results in their proper context.

Perhaps James has done some testing with newsletter formats, however…

The only thing that I did not like was the format.  Two columns might be fine, however normally when you run a print newsletter it is a good idea to either use headings or a line between both columns.  Ideally I would have run the newsletter with all the text horizontally and put the results in boxes to emphasize the results.   Using the formatting method that he’s used, I found the results “got lost” with all the other text.

If you’re not particular about formatting or layout, then certainly Testing is what you’ve been looking for since it will give you numbers that you can work with and tips that you can try on your own site.


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