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This is more of a personal note to several individuals out there, but what better way to thank them than a public post on a blog that is slowly gaining popularity?

Over the last few weeks — actually last month or two, I’ve re-built my “business”.  In the past I’d tried a lot of things, nothing worked.  I also got tired working and not being able to spend time with my family.  Don’t get this confused – I LOVE to work, I love my job (career) but I want more.

Anyway – I set-up a new site and started a fresh approach to my online business.  I participated in many of the blogs on my blogroll (I visit them often and comment on posts, not just for the sake of commenting but to contribute to the posts).  I’ve also featured several Internet Marketers in my posts because I truly believe in what they do and in their approach.

I’d like to say Thank You to these individuals for their support and words of encouragement.  These individuals have either blogged about me, or have permitted my comments to be live on their sites which in turn has resulted in several new people visiting my site…

Internet Business

Aaron Brandon

Jack Keifer

Tim Gary

James Brausch

Fred Black

Ed Rivis

Richard Lee


Internet Business

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I'm a man of mystery. I like anonymity, but on the WWW there is not much of it...
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