The Gurus Are At It Again…

Is it me, or are the gurus targetting n00bies even more fervently this year than in years past?  I’ve seen no less than 15 offers for basic training (that you can find FREE on the internet, or here).  Here is the latest.  Lets see if you caught the fuck-up that either this marketer made or the product made in putting together their mass e-mail distribution cut & paste crappy e-mail; I made it easy for you to spot…

This program used to cost $392, but a couple of weeks ago Daniel announced that he was making it free. The only requirement is that before getting your free member account you need to sign-up for a hosting account with one of his partners.

Now even if you already have a hosting plan this is a great deal.  You’ll spend $10 or so to get a new plan, plus you’ll get access to a training program that is worth around $500.

OK – did you see that being pulled over you?  So we went from a $392 program to one that’s worth around $500 — how did that happen?  Shit what they SHOULD have said that the $392 program is worth over $5,000 if not priceless!  People have paid thousands to attend live seminars with our coaches… well you get the idea.

Huh??? WTF.

You know it’s one thing to sell useless shit to newcomers into Internet Marketing and teaching them how to make money online but it takes another level of audacity to jump from COSTS X to WORTH Y in the same e-mail… at least in my mind.

But I’ve seen it all to often over the years.  It’s not the first time it has happened and it certainly won’t be the last.


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