The New Yahoo!?

Yahoo logoOK, maybe I’ve been hiding out in the forest, or lost in the desert but I don’t really use Yahoo! search all that much.  Nothing against Yahoo! but I’ve always had Google on my IE search bar. 

But today I was going through the site stats (we are stats-a-holics) and noticed quite a few (well, ok ALOT) of people coming to the site from Yahoo!  So I wanted to see what the searcher sees and noticed the new Yahoo! search… well atleast the colors and layout are a new.

So here is the first screen:

Yahoo Search

So I keyed in my search terms – but as you see the search area is different.  They’ve added a few items and redid the colors.  Looks better.  The second thing you will notice is the drop list.  Click it, click it!  I dare ya!

Yahoo Search

Like Google as you type in the search field, the related search items also changes.  Nice thing with Yahoos’ system is that you can hide the additional search items.  You will also notice that the keywords are a slightly darker color, allow you to easily see the “primary” search phrase you are using.

But there is something different from Google here – did you notice it?  Look at second item - “Explore concepts”.  Concepts basically shows you related items to keyphrase you entered.

Another neat addition they have made is the ability to set your Search Assist suggestions:

Yahoo Search Internet Business Opportunity

Finally they’ve also made it easy to identify potentially harmful sites – I’ve seen Google do this, and this is the first time I’ve noticed it on Yahoo!

Yahoo Search Internet Business Opportunity

Here is a close-up of what is show up above…

Yahoo Search Internet Business Opportunity

Overall I like the new search layout and colors.  But am I ready to jump from Google to Yahoo?  Nah!  I still like my Google.

Robert Benjamin


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