The Problem With Special Offers

There was a time when we (well, Mo) bought everything he could find on the Internet that dealt with internet marketing.  He has amassed a trove of information, but the problem is that much of the information isn’t really aimed at the “newbie” that is learning about internet marketing – much of it is aimed at someone that has experience and wants to take their business to the next level.

Some marketers do target newbies, but there is a problem there as well – the information is often old and outdated.  Though the principles may remain, the information provided cannot be used.

Take this for example – a reader recently purchased something called Backlink Syndication System.  It does contain some good information, but he complained that many of the sites either are no longer in operation or are now pay sites.

A quick search showed that this information was published in 2010 – a good year ago, unfortunately the links are still active and he figured for the cost why not try it.  He also did say that some of the sites still accepted news releases as they were reported in this offer.

This is the one problem with a lot of information on the web, especially when it comes to Internet Marketing.  The second it is published, it’s old news and probably will not work.  Why won’t it work?  If you had a $million dollar idea – why would you give it away???  Think about it – the reason many gurus give away this type of information is not for YOU to get rich but for them to get RICHER.  They stay ahead of the curve by doing a lot of research and experimentation into what works and what does not.  Once they find something that works, they exploit it to death and when they see that they can no longer make money at it then they sell the “system”.

Now I don’t want to say that EVERYTHING out there is bad, it isn’t and the principles behind the systems work – but they are the same principles that you probably already follow in your internet business.

Before you buy the next system – think about it.  The tools that we’ve talked about on this blog WORK and they’ve worked for years without any noticeable decrease in earnings – that’s why we promote them.  We avoid promoting “systems” and “procedures” because they are often old and outdated.

Don’t believe me?  Check out this page and you’ll see one comment that explains how “useful” this product was NOT GOOD OFFER #1 read the comment by ALMONDJ (and others).  Many of the comments on this page are all typical of people that purchase based on “hype”.  In fact it appears that repeated attempts to reach the seller go unanswered.

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