The Secret To Make $5 Day On Adsense Finally Revealed

top-secret-adsense-formulaLets do the math first…

$5 per day x 30 days per month – $150 per month (for how much work)

Now lets see what that works out to per year… about $1,825 (when you use 365 days)

Not bad for a few hours worth of work.

Now get one site working well and you can do a few things:

  1. SELL IT!  You should be able to get several hundred dollars for it
  2. BUILD MORE!  Build more using the same formula and multiply your earnings

Of course, you could build and continue to sell… and eventually automate things to the point that it’s entirely hands-off.

No – these are not splog sites filled with random text and links but “real” sites that offer real content, and solutions.

Now before I begin and give you the secret (I’m not actually giving you the secret, but I’ll provide links to another site that provided a case study in getting to $5.00 per day) let me give you some background information.

The information on the site I’m about to share has been adapted from a report entitled “Josh Spaulding’s $5 Mini-Site Formula“.  You can register to get the report for FREE, upon registration you are taken to his product called  Article Marketing Domination – which is a $17.00 product — no, he isn’t giving that away for free.

The second thing that you’re pointed to is a video that shows you the $5 Mini-Site Formula – again, you do need to provide your name and e-mail address for a link to the video.

There, now that we have that out of the way, here are the posts that put the content of Josh Apaulding’s $5 Mini-Site Formula and $5 Mini-Site Formula Video to use.

In case you’re wondering if the Josh Apaulding’s $5 Mini-Site Formula is a scam, when I read Part 3 (on August 16, 2009) Ben was on Page 2 of Google Results for the term “effective acne treatment”.  When I checked after reading the post he is on page 1 on Google.CA and on page 1 of in the 10th and 9th position respectively.  That said, there isn’t a lot of competition for the keyword – there are about 623,000 sites so a well planned and executed strategy would help you get into the top 10 listings and with enough inbound links into the top 3 – 5 results.  But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a concerted effort required to get into the 1st page.  It isn’t a fluke, if that’s what you are wondering.


Oh yah, please don’t share this with everyone.  It will make it less effective.


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