The Semantic Web Agent


Sometime ago I wrote a post about Web 3.0 (The Future Of The Web is Web 3.0) and what people are expecting it will be.  Here is an update to the story linking to a website – that discusses the semantic web in a bit more detail and the work that the W3C is doing to achieve this goal.

Here is a small snippet from the article – I found it very interesting, and think you will to.

“Imagine this scenario. You’re a software consultant and have just received a new project. You’re to create a series of SOAP-based Web services for one of your biggest clients. First, you need to learn a bit about SOAP, so you search for the term using your favorite search engine. Unfortunately, the results you’re presented with are hardly helpful. There are listings for dish detergents, facial soaps, and even soap operas mixed into the results. Only after sifting through multiple listings and reading through the linked pages are you able to find information about the W3C’s SOAP specifications.”


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